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When comparing to other dewatering equipment, filter press technology can provide the driest cake with the cleanest filtrate. Proper selection of cloths, plates, pumps and ancillary equipment/process, such as precoat, cake wash and cake squeeze is critical to optimal operation of your dewatering system. With many components to a successful operating system, it is important that you discover the right mix of components that will deliver the quality of sludge/filtrate you are looking for.

With over 12,000 slurries being analyzed by our water experts to date, we have gathered various data points around how to attain the perfect filtrate in every market and application. In doing so we’ve helped power plants, oil & gas facilities, food & beverage plants and many more meet their goals and objectives.

What Happens Inside a Filter Press? 

Evoqua's Dr. D explains what happens in filter press using a unique viewing chamber in the industry's best-equipped lab.